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Cathy Bruno dove headfirst into the world of cloud computing, mobility and analytics in her role as vice president and CIO at Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems. Her efforts haven't been in vain: In addition to improving patient care, Bruno is the co-winner of the 2012 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium Innovators award in recognition of her award-winning approach to health care technology management.

In this video interview, filmed at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium in Cambridge, Mass., Bruno talks with Executive Editor Chris Gonsalves about the hospital group's groundbreaking data-sharing initiatives and its ongoing efforts to improve public health through innovations in mobility and analytics.

Read a partial transcript of Bruno's interview below, and watch the video for more advice on health care technology management.

What is the driving force behind IT initiatives and projects? How do they work, and why do it?

Cathy Bruno: The driving force behind the projects at Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems is really a vision of the leadership to provide the highest quality care that we can provide and the highest amount of safety we can provide for our patients -- and they see the electronic health record as the way to achieve that. We see that there is so much information in the world that physicians can't keep up with it anymore. So, what we want to do is put systems in place so that we have alerts and reminders. We can use a whole-team approach, in that the information connects that team in the decision-making process so that we can improve safety and quality in our organization.

Cloud is having, and will have, a major impact on patient records and provider collaboration. Where are you with your cloud strategy, and where do you expect to be over the next year or so?

Bruno: Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems was ahead of its time in that we already, several years ago, outsourced our processing for our electronic-health-record and business systems to vendors who are doing that in a robust, repeatable and high-volume way, so that we are focusing our efforts working with our clinicians to make sure they have the types of tools they need to take care of our patients. We leave the processing work to vendors that are excellent at that.

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