Google guru talks future of apps

Implementing new technologies in a midmarket company can be challenging for CIOs, who must balance their available budgets with user expectations. Advancements such as cloud computing may be the way to bridge this gap, but concerns over data security and recovery are keeping some CIOs hesitant.

Matthew Glotzbach, product management director at Google Enterprise, shares his thoughts on cloud computing and Google applications for the midmarket -- detailing the benefits and addressing common concerns.

Video Highlights

  • What do you do? (:21)
  • Do you find companies voice concerns over the use of cloud computing and security issues surrounding it and what steps is Google taking to appease these fears?(1:32)
  • Are innovations like cloud computing and Google applications the next wave of tools that you expect midmarket companies to use?(3:38)
  • Are companies voicing any concerns over Gmail and Gchat as applications that allow employees to waste time during work or are they being viewed as a way to help employees connect in the workplace?(5:54)

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