Global IT industry trends guiding CIO strategies, technology budgets

Shouvik Bhattacharyya, CEO at global IT consulting firm Valtech, is a firm believer in the value of the CIO -- and he says that global IT trends are shifting technology investments in a way that emphasizes the CIO's value to the enterprise.

In this video Q&A, filmed at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium in Cambridge, Mass., Bhattacharyya sits down with Executive Editor Christina Torode to discuss the global IT industry trends having the biggest effect on CIOs. Bhattacharyya also discusses how his firm is advising businesses to proceed in the digital media space and in cloud-based environments.

Read a partial transcript from Bhattacharyya's interview below, and watch the video, to learn more about the global IT trends you should be following.

What type of technology investment trends are you seeing in this global economy, and do you see the European situation having effects on investments in the U.S.?

Shouvik Bhattacharyya: In terms of technology buys, there are two sides that I look at with my customer base. A lot of the investment is internal transformations -- so all legacy technologies moving over, a lot of focus on cloud. That is what I call the lights-on internal aspect. The others are all revenue -- so a lot of investment in anything related to sales and marketing technologies, primarily marketing platforms. I see a lot of investment in content, whether it is retail or telecom, because they are trying to consolidate the content. Another aspect of this content is that you have to make it usable and more accessible to different types of devices; there is a lot of investment there. Then there is commerce: Especially if you look at [Asia], there are so many new products coming to the platform. So there are a lot of investments over there. And then, there is big data, especially the larger Fortune 500s. Those are the kinds of investments I see.

Is mobility playing a big role in investments today, and what are CIOs actually investing in when they are talking about mobile?

Bhattacharyya: You break that up into a few different parts. One is the user experience: How quickly can you provide them with a shopping experience with easy navigation? So, a lot of focus on focus groups and the usability aspect of it. Second is [the technology] decisions that the customer doesn't see as valuable but [are] very important. So one of the key aspects of it is actually performance. How do you build a scalable solution, so even if you are at a big game or a big conference, you know how to not impact the customers' experience negatively? No. 3 is more partnership in terms of what you have in social media and if it drives into the mobile device and then drives your buying behavior. So, those are things we see people spending a lot of money on in the mobile space.

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