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Enterprise networking strategy to support mobile device use

It's a fast-moving mobile device world, and the network needs to move with it. Shamus McGillicuddy, senior analyst for Enterprise Management Associates, says CIOs need to think strategically rather than tactically when it comes to making decisions around how the wireless network should support users' mobile devices. But, he says, your IT staff may not view the issue in the same light. In this webcast presentation, McGillicuddy lays out the challenges mobile devices present to your network and discusses the disconnect between IT staff and C-level executives on the importance of mobility.

Editor's note: The following is a transcript of the first of four parts of McGillicuddy's webcast presentation on enterprise networking strategy to support your users' mobile devices.

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Part 1: Determining enterprise networking strategy to support mobile devices

Part 2: Upgrading the wireless LAN

Part 3: Trickle-down effect on the wired network

Part 4: Network management considerations

Shamus McGillicuddy: What is the state of mobility? All of your employees today are probably mobile. Independent research has shown that 85% of consumers say that mobile devices are a central part of their everyday life, and that everyday life includes their work life. 1.9 billion Wi-Fi-capable devices will be deployed throughout the world by the year 2019, and you will find those devices on your network. More than half of the traffic on those Wi-Fi devices will be video, which is a very bandwidth-intensive application that will be present on your network whether you know it or not.

So, lead or be led by mobility. Your employees carry multiple Wi-Fi devices, and they will bring them into your enterprise. Wi-Fi service is ubiquitous everywhere outside your enterprise, from coffee shops to government facilities, so expect Wi-Fi service to be demanded by your employees, your customers [and] your business partners inside your enterprise.

Now, bear in mind you do not want to be tactical when you're thinking about mobility. That is the way mobility was approached in the previous decade. Mobility is a strategic issue for CIOs today. Forty percent of organizations have told EMA that incorporating new technology such as mobility is the top challenge facing them. However, your staff may be thinking more tactically than strategically. Our research has also shown that CIOs and IT staff tend to think a little bit differently about the initiatives that are driving the current network management priorities. For instance, 42% of CIOs identified mobility as a top challenge, but only 25% of staff agreed. That's a significant gap that you should think about as you're leading your enterprise. IT staff need to understand the strategic imperative of mobility. So, set a strategic goal and talk to your staff about what they need to do in terms of infrastructure and management of mobility within your enterprise.

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