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Embrace milestones in your digital transformation roadmap

At the recent Gartner Symposium in Orlando, Otto Berkes, CTO at CA Technologies and former CTO at HBO, talked with SearchCIO about the importance of building a digital transformation roadmap. His first piece of advice for IT leaders? "Don't try to boil the ocean. Find some tangible wins that can create a virtuous cycle and reinforce [themselves] over time." Berkes emphasized outlining attainable goals and focusing on innovation, all while keeping the customer in mind.

Where should CTOs start when developing their organization's digital transformation roadmap?  

Berkes: CTOs should really develop a clear view of the end state, the goals that they want to achieve over the span of, say, three to five years, and then work back from that and develop a very concrete roadmap with achievable milestones along that path. 

What is a key technology investment that you've made in the past year and how is it helping you thrive in the digital economy?  

A key investment that I've made in the past year is creating an internal, new product and new business incubation program that we call the CA Accelerator. And it's critical for us and really for any technology organization to carve out the space, the time, the resources and the support to foster new innovation that will help drive the business forward.

How do you motivate your IT team to be innovative and collaborative?   

I encourage everyone in the technology organization to look at the results and focus on the results, and to really keep in mind the customer and the impact that they can make on bringing new value to customers.

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