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Collaboration, creativity needed in digital workplace redesign

In today's increasingly digital enterprise, a workplace redesign should be on every organization's radar. Digital workplace redesigns can take many forms, but the physical and procedural changes should result in a more connected, collaborative and creative workforce, according to Allison Mnookin, CEO at QuickBase Inc.

Mnookin spoke with SearchCIO's senior news writer Nicole Laskowski at the recent MIT Sloan CIO Symposium in Cambridge, Mass., about why it is important to cultivate "digitally dexterous" employees and how CIOs factor into that process. She was a speaker during a panel discussion on "Redesigning the Digital Workplace" at the event. 

Why does the workplace need to be redesigned?

So today I'm on a panel talking about the evolution of the digital workplace. And I think you can think about really what [about] the workplace is evolving? And yes, on the architectural side, there [are] conversations around how might you want more collaborative spaces, how might you want those to work? But also, as we have a more digitally dexterous employee base, how do you also want to think about the workplace as far as the tools you empower them with and how do you allow collaboration? How do you allow communication as we're more distributed, as we're more remote?

I think it's critical that the CIO is … thinking about their responsibility in empowering employees to do great work wherever they are.
Allison MnookinCEO, QuickBase Inc.

[There are] key questions of what is even the workplace these days where sometimes your workers will be on a client site -- and so thinking about the tools that enable that, the mindsets that enable that, as well as questions of the physical spaces, [are important].

How does the CIO fit into the workplace redesign discussion?

I think [the CIO factors] tremendously [into the workplace redesign discussion] because I think HR and the business, whether it's a CEO, line of business and IT together, are thinking about what's the environment that they want to create that will allow their employees to be creative and that will allow their employees to be responsive to customers. And a lot of that these days is tied to our digital capability -- how we can collaborate, how we can work on work together despite being distributed, how we can communicate. So, I think it's critical that the CIO is part of that mix and thinking about their responsibility in empowering employees to do great work wherever they are.

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