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Email archiving solutions and strategies for enterprise CIOs

Effective email archiving solutions and strategies are an important part of a CIO's job, as e-discovery, litigation and compliance regulations require detailed email policies.

Effective email archiving solutions and strategies are an important part of a CIO's job, as email archiving is no longer simply a basic storage issue for IT. E-discovery, litigation, compliance regulations and risk management require CIOs to have detailed email policies that include storage, retrieval and data protection. Managing these policies and keeping up to date on email archiving and storage can help CIOs save time and money, while maintaining maximum productivity.

The following stories provide news, best practices and vendor information to help CIOs make the best email archiving decisions for their organization.

 For CIOs, email retention scandal shows need for email retention policy
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
An email deletion scandal that threatens to upend the Boston mayoral race is fair warning to CIOs who need an email retention policy or archiving system.

 Miscues abounded in Boston email retention policy, practices
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
Boston CIO Bill Oates talks about measures taken to tune an email retention policy after disconnects between user practice and system capability set off a political firestorm.

 Email archiving needs soar as e-discovery requests rise
[Carol Sliwa, Features Writer]
Data storage professionals faced with exponential data growth and the increasing chance of e-discovery requests and litigation holds are driving a dynamic email archiving market.

 Email archiving strategies: Five best practices
[Carol Sliwa, Features Writer]
Best practices for email archiving start with setting email retention policies to help your company respond to legal discovery requests and lessen the burden on storage systems.

 10 key considerations for email archiving
[Stephen Foskett, Contributor]
If you haven't standardized on an email archiving product, it can be time-consuming to find one that fits your company's needs. We list the 10 questions that will help you narrow down the list of available products and find the one that best suits your requirements.

 Purchasing email archiving products for compliance and litigation
[Stephen J. Bigelow, Features Writer]
Learn how to evaluate email archiving products to select the best one for your organization.

 Which organizations should be thinking about email archiving?
[Brian Babineau, Contributor]
There are three reasons why organizations should think about email archiving. The first reason is because they have to. Learn what the other two reasons are.

 Email archiving: Four steps to ensuring success
[Carol Hildebrand, Contributor]
Compliance regulations and legal discovery issues are playing an increasingly important role in how emails are stored and retrieved. As a result, the need for email archiving has skyrocketed, and the CIO must play a significant role in making it work.

 The Evidence is in the Email
[Megan Santosus, Senior Editor]
What can email archiving technology do for you? Get you more storage space, improve system performance and make your auditors happy.

 Email archiving and the law
[Mark Diamond, President and CEO, Contoural Inc.]
CIOs considering email archiving need to look at issues beyond compliance. E-discovery and litigation readiness typically have the greatest impact on archiving strategies. This podcast discusses the legal ramifications of email archiving, and how they affect IT strategy.

 IM and blogs next target for litigation
[Shamus McGillicuddy, News Editor]
In litigation, email is still the No. 1 target of subpoenas for electronic records. But instant messages and blogs are easily targeted, too, and need attention.

 Outsourcing email archiving: The pros and cons
[Brian Babineau, Contributor]
Outsourcing your email archiving is a good alternative if you want to avoid the hassle of implementing archiving yourself. But right now, service providers are falling short and need to expand their product portfolios to meet user demands.

 Email archiving implementation: What you need to consider
[Dick Benton, Contributor]
Selecting an email archiving application based solely on functionality may result in unexpected administration costs. Considering these 10 points before deploying an email archive can help you hang onto your loot.

 Does Microsoft SharePoint make a good email archiving solution?
[Brien Posey, Contributor]
Read what one expert says about the pros and cons of using SharePoint as a message repository.

 Developing online backup and archiving services
[Sue Troy, Site Editor]
Online backup and archiving services offer multiple routes to revenue, if providers can win customers' loyalty.

 Email archiving study guide
[SearchChannelStorage.com Staff]
How much do you know about email archiving? Take our quiz to find out.

 School districts wrestling with ABCs of electronic discovery, compliance
[Beth Pariseau Senior News Writer]
School districts trying to meet compliance regulations are focusing on email archiving, but they're hitting roadblocks related to electronic discovery and records retention laws.

 Be ready for electronic discovery with a records retention policy
[John Weathington, Contributor]
Email does not drive records retention policy -- it's about what's in the email. With a few simple steps you can help prevent electronic discovery surprises and costly fines.

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