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Where to invest in IT: Tweet jammers discuss budget forecast for 2014

As a CIO, where do you plan to invest in IT in 2014? Our #CIOChat tweet jam participants talk about the budget forecast for enterprise IT.

As another calendar year comes to an end, IT budgets are on the CIO agenda. In SearchCIO's November tweet jam, we asked our writers, editors and participants to discuss where to invest in IT and how to establish a solid budget forecast for 2014. On the docket: spending increases, decreases and service cuts, depending on whom you ask, as well as technologies being cast aside and others being considered for new investment:

One tweet jammer responded quickly, stating that budgets are trending down:

SearchCIO Managing Editor Rachel Lebeaux probed our participant to explain his position further:

But the majority of our participants suggested that IT budgets will increase in the coming year. SearchCIO Executive Editor Linda Tucci pointed to statistics from the annual Society for Information Management (SIM) 2013 IT Trends Survey that indicate IT budgets will be on the rise in the coming year -- even if it's only by a small margin:

While more than half of SIM's CIO respondents expect to see an increase in IT spending budgets, devoted #CIOChat attendee Andi Mann pointed to a larger issue waiting in the wings:

Whether or not IT budgets and spending have been matching up, it's likely your company will be making some targeted budget cuts in 2014. Cost cutting varies widely depending on the organization, prompting SearchCIO to ask "What cuts, if any, are CIOs making in their IT budgets?" One area singled out: IT staff and training:  

Finally, we wondered, "What do companies want their IT leaders to sink money into? What's off the table?" Some participants pointed toward big data as an area ripe for a spending increase:

Andi Mann agreed with Tucci and Scott King, but isn't personally seeing CIOs making major investments in big data:

Where is your organization increasing IT spending or making cuts? Sound off in our interactive comment section below. For more on this topic, search #CIOChat and #ITBudgets on Twitter. SearchCIO's next tweet jam will be held Dec. 18 at 3 p.m. EST. Stay tuned on and follow @SearchCIO for our topic announcement.

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How are IT budgets trending for 2014?
Economic pressure in Fin Services. Cost mgt is the big theme to maintain decent standing with analysts and therefore share price
We waited through two versions of software, no time to wait anymore, Full upgrade happening by the end of this year. More related upgrades will happen next year. Big reason is our online presence, mobile web enabled devices are also a big reason to move to the next level and bring seamless compatibility and glitch free functionality to customers. we are learning the importance of having big data and how to use this data to reposition ourselves in the market place. We hired three data analyst this year.