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What is rogue IT, and what are its benefits and pitfalls?

This month's #CIOChat asked participants, 'What is rogue IT?' Responses highlighted benefits, pitfalls and strategies for CIOs.

Today's enterprises are endeavoring to understand the benefits and pitfalls of employees using their personal mobile devices, preferred applications and ad hoc services for business-related purposes. The phrase rogue IT refers to this informal and unsanctioned use of information technology resources without notice to -- or approval from -- IT organizations.

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If you've ever taken your personal tablet to work or used cloud-based software like Evernote, Google Drive or Dropbox for work matters, you could be an offender. As bring-your-own trends proliferate and consumer tech evolves, IT organizations must be prepared for work-related uses of technologies that pose security risks and raise questions about the ownership of the data each device stores or produces.

But our conclusion after asking the question, "What is rogue IT?" is that it isn't all bad news. We asked our March tweet jam participants to share the pros and cons of rogue IT:

Our tweet jam expert, Bart Murphy, CIO and chief technology officer at the CareWorks Family of Companies, discussed some of his own experiences, and several of our #CIOChat-ters chimed in as well, noting that rogue IT isn't always destructive and employees' favored devices can ultimately benefit the business.

Rogue IT, our #CIOChat-ters explained, can promote innovation and empower agility within an organization. Adding to these benefits, SearchCompliance Site Editor Ben Cole suggests:

The creation of data silos, the increased chance of security risks and the costliness of fixing these mistakes are some potential downsides associated with rogue and shadow IT. Other concerns include compliance and transparency:

It's no secret that, when IT and business work together, you're more likely to get innovative results. CareWorks' Murphy and tweet jam participant Anthony Bartolo suggested modifying delivery systems:

Are rogue and shadow IT influencing business decisions within your organization? What positives and negatives have come from analyzing the whats and whys of employees' BYO choices? Sound off in the comments section below and stay tuned for more recaps here on

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