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Wearable computing technology: What about all that data?

If your organization uses wearable computing technology, odds are you produce a whole lot of data. How can CIOs keep that data actionable and secure?

One of the biggest challenges IT organizations will face as smartwatches, smartglasses and other wearable chips work their way into the enterprise is managing the preponderance of data they produce. IT executives must expand their policies to encompass company-specific objectives for wearable computing technology, and figure out how to collect, store, access and analyze all that data.

In SearchCIO's wearables-themed tweet jam, expert Simon Jones, managing director at OnPR, a technology public relations and analyst firm, and a blogger at WearableTechWatch, engaged with followers about wearable computing technology and data, starting with Tim Crawford, a frequent speaker on CIO issues:

For large enterprises like Disney, tracking customer data offers incredible business opportunities. Not only is this particular conglomerate utilizing biometrics for park entry, but it's also issuing cards that act as room keys, credit cards and more. Our tweet jammers discussed the implications:

Jenny Laurello, SearchCIO's resident health care expert, sparked additional conversation about data by sharing her views on the impact of wearables in the health sector. Tweet jam participants jumped on this, asking a very important -- and familiar -- question: To whom does that data belong?

Other SearchCIO followers weighed in on the new data responsibilities that CIOs shoulder in the age of wearable computing technology:

What data would you seek to cull from wearable computing technologies, and who in your organization would be responsible for protecting that information? To weigh in on all matters data, comment below or view the entire conversation by searching #CIOChat on Twitter.

Our next tweet jam will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 26, at 3 p.m. EST. Follow @SearchCIO for a topic announcement. Until then, stay tuned for additional recaps from our wearables-themed tweet jam.

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If an employer issues employees a fitness band, who owns the resultant data?