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Use a free fishbone diagram template on your next root cause analysis

Drive process leadership by trying a free fishbone diagram template on your next root cause analysis expedition.

Root cause analysis is a key practice for CIOs. Proper root cause analysis allows CIOs to support business continuity...

by uncovering key findings and drive process leadership. Done right, CIOs can ensure that the company avoids making those mistakes again. However, in a group setting, brainstorming sessions can sometimes devolve into a "he said/she said" exercise in frustration and finger pointing. When many points of view can offer conflicting and sometimes confusing descriptions, try using a fishbone diagram template to sort out your ideas.

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A fishbone diagram template -- or fishbone cause-and-effect analysis -- simplifies and organizes the root cause analysis process. CIOs can work with teams to brainstorm all possible causes of a problem, from anything to delays in processes to system failures, and identify the major contributing factor. The fishbone diagram template forces the user to brainstorm all of the possible causes and weigh each of them, instead of focusing on one or two of the obvious. CIOs can evaluate an obstacle, assess all parties involved, clearly see each incident and when it happened, and eventually determine how or why their problems occurred.

We've gathered directions, samples and several fishbone diagram template versions to help you get started thinking critically with a fishbone cause and effect analysis. Use the fishbone template diagram to help you eliminate your group bias during root cause analysis and enable you to correct and avoid these problems in the future.

Source: iSixSigma
Offering: Go right to the source, with the root cause analysis experts. Here's an outline for a fishbone diagram template. Download Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel templates that will help you to get started.

Source: Mind Tools Ltd.
Offering: This step-by-step guide will direct you in creating an effective fishbone diagram. There's also a handy example of a completed sample fishbone diagram template.

Source: American Society for Quality
Offering: Follow a list of recommended procedures in creating a detailed root cause analysis, as well as example of a completed fishbone diagram.

Source: Vertex 42 LLC
Offering: Download a Microsoft Excel template for the fishbone diagram template that gets you started with handy fill-in-the-blanks that can be applied to your own root cause analysis project.

Source: RFF Electronics
Offering: RF Flow offers comprehensive instructions to complete a fishbone diagram and provides a clean template for your own use.

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