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Top service management process for CIOs? Tweet jammers debate

As a CIO, what's your top service management process or priority? Read what our tweet jam participants had to say in our ITSM discussion.

CIOs engaged in IT service management (ITSM) constantly struggle to prioritize often-divergent processes. In SearchCIO's ITSM-themed tweet jam on Aug. 28, we asked participants, "What do you consider a foundational service management process?" Answers varied, but one service management process rose above the others.

Derek Lonsdale, a Lean expert at PA Consulting Group and CIO advisor for service management and organizational design, joined us this month as our tweet jam expert. In his kickoff discussion, Lonsdale suggested that business priorities should drive ITSM processes. His discussion homing in on top service management processes echoed some of the same ideas:

IT departments can take many different approaches to ITSM, but it starts with acknowledging business needs and prioritizing appropriate solutions. Lonsdale suggests incident, configuration and change management, and request processes.

SearchCIO editorial director Christina Torode directed the discussion to the people at the root of service management processes -- the employees using the services on a daily basis:

But wait: Do employees really know best? Several tweet jam participants questioned that assumption:

Karen Goulart, SearchCIO's senior features writer, suggested that even if employees can't perfectly express what they require in order to work efficiently, a friendly conversation can get everyone on the same page:

Lonsdale added:

Whether your IT department is zeroing in on incident, configuration or change management, or prioritizing employee requests, a top service management process can help CIOs determine what is right for their particular organization. Do you agree? Share your viewpoint in the comments section below.

SearchCIO would like to extend a big thank you to Derek Lonsdale for joining us as our ITSM tweet jam expert. To view the entire conversation, search "#CIOChat" on Twitter. Save the date for our next tweet jam: Sept. 25, 2013, at 3 p.m., EST.

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