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Top IT Management Guides of 2006

Check out the top five IT Management Guides of the year.

Did you miss any of our IT Management Guides this year? No worries, we've gathered the top five guides from 2006 to help you stay up to date on hot topics for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) such as open source, VoIP, security and more.

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  • Open source
    Open source is no longer an alternative simply because of its low-cost advantages. More and more companies in the U.S. and abroad are considering the switch to open source. With its growing popularity, IT decision makers have more vendors from which to choose. IT managers and CIOs are feeling more pressure to justify all of their IT investments, and with more secure environments and more developers cropping up every day, open source is becoming much easier to justify. The point hits home even more so for SMBs.
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  • Security essentials
    Forty-three percent of respondents to a recent poll said security threats take up most of their time. There are so many aspects of security for SMBs to be concerned with, especially with so few resources. Spyware, disaster recovery and identity management are just a few areas on which SMBs need to focus to stay abreast of the latest security information.'s IT Management Guide on Security Essentials for SMBs offers guidance, news and tips on how to most effectively handle security in your IT organization.
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  • VoIP
    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is quickly becoming a mainstream technology, and SMBs need to keep up with the larger companies, even if it's on a smaller scale. You want your company to have the most relevant resources, but you want to be sure before you invest in an expensive project.
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  • IT staffing and careers for SMBs
    Managing an IT staff is a challenge for any technology manager or executive, and the constantly changing infrastructure doesn't do much to alleviate the pressure. The burden of spending wisely and making smart decisions in technology and staffing rests squarely on the shoulders of the CIO or technology manager. With the changing role of IT within the organization, the criteria for hiring staff has also changed. IT executives are less likely to seek out "techie" candidates and more likely to reward those with the business skills necessary to succeed.
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  • Mobile computing
    Gone are the days of desktop computers, land-line phones and the daily commute to the office. Today's businesses, regardless of size, rely on highly productive employees who are equipped to do the job anywhere, anytime. For SMBs, that means spending IT dollars wisely on wireless LANs, laptops, cell phones and other mobile devices. The IT Management guide to mobile computing offers resources and advice for successfully investing, implementing and maintaining mobile computing devices in your SMB.
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