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Top 10 IT management tips in 2006

It's official, security was the No. 1 topic you wanted to read about. But what else was popular in 2006? Storage? Wireless? Check out our top 10 tips from 2006 to find out.

This was the year of security. Below are the top 10 SMB-related tips of 2006, based on our readers' interest, and seven are related to security. Other hot topics included security, storage, wireless and more. Check them out now.

 Email encryption: Five steps to success
Email encryption is no longer the complex mystery it once was for SMBs. To demystify it, follow these five simple steps.

 Mobile management: Five tips for success
Mobile management is a challenge for SMBs. Check out these five tips that alleviate the process for you.

 Open source making way in SMBs
SMBs are slowly learning about the advantages of open source. And the open source market is ready for them.

 Secure VoIP in simple steps
Securing VoIP is as simple as securing your Internet connections with a few more steps.

 Security for mobile devices: Simple steps for SMBs
From USB keys to iPods, laptops and wireless handhelds, mobile devices can be a major security vulnerability. Here are several simple steps to prevent wireless security breaches.

 Linux security for SMBs: Check IT List
SMBs are likely to save with Linux, but there are some security steps that must be taken first..

 Security buying in five easy steps
Choosing a security product or service is not rocket science. But you can save money, reduce stress and have VARS competing for you if you follow these simple steps.

 Storage for growing SMBs
Is tape-based backup the best option for quickly growing SMBs? One expert weighs in.

 Endpoint security: The weakest link
Vulnerable endpoint security can cripple a small or medium-sized business. Here's a plan to start defending your endpoints.

 DR planning: Business impact analysis for IT
Before you develop a disaster recovery plan, you must understand, analyze and plan for the business impact -- from an IT perspective.

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