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The importance of project management: Tweet jammers share insights

SearchCIO tweet jam participants discuss the importance of project management in areas where standardization and process are vital.

IT project management includes identifying requirements, establishing clear objectives, delegating tasks and balancing...

demands. During SearchCIO's latest tweet jam, we asked participants to speak to the importance of project management and explain where project and portfolio management (PPM) fits into the business.

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Our first recap touched on the best project management methodologies and the skills that support them. The discussion moved on to the benefits of project management in areas where standardization and processes are critical:

Tweet jam participants replied with a resounding "Yes!" Some suggested areas where PPM would boost success, and some even offered up examples:

Like most things in IT, PPM is not as easy as one-two-three. Moreover, according to our pros, there's pressure to immediately reap the benefits of good project management -- but what happens when you are too good at it?

While the importance of project management seems clear (minus the whole getting-fired-for-exceling-at-it thing), our tweet jam participants pointed out a number of potential problem areas:

While a formal PPM program might not be necessary in every organization, our tweet jam participants certainly agree on the following: the importance of project management in larger businesses, a respect for the role of PPM in supporting compliance programs and the enlistment of project management tactics in security processes.

Read more about what SearchCIO tweet jam participants had to say about the benefits and importance of project management by searching the #CIOChat hashtag on Twitter. Follow @SearchCIO to be notified about upcoming tweet jams.

This was last published in June 2013

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