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Ten social media strategy tips for the IT organization

Is your IT team tackling social media with aplomb? Here are 10 social media strategy tips and best practices to guide your efforts.

Social media was at one time considered a Millennial-driven fad, frowned upon by many in the workplace. Now, CIOs and IT team leaders can't find enough ways to embrace Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn and the like. With the consumerization of IT, CIOs and IT team leaders need new social media solutions to confront business quandaries.

Check out these 10 social media strategy tips from our sister site,, that we consider applicable to enterprise CIOs also wading through the waters of social media. You'll find expert advice on such topics as using Twitter for business, building transparency through social media, implementing social collaboration tools, retaining Millennials and much more.

Why are CIOs still getting enterprise social media wrong?

A Deloitte survey suggests executives and workers hold vastly different opinions on the importance of enterprise social media to corporate culture. It's important to build a company culture around social media and make online communications meaningful.

CIOs focus on digital media strategies

CIOs say digital media strategy leads business innovation and competitive advantage project initiatives, according to the Harvey Nash CIO 2012 survey. In this Q&A, find out how social media can be leveraged for competitive gains and innovative solutions.

POTUS chats up the public on Reddit

When President Barack Obama asked Reddit users to ask him anything, he gave CIOs a lesson in business transparency. What can your organization learn from the president's embrace of social media? Find out in this CIO Matters column.

Social collaboration tools get another look from CIOs

Social collaboration tools aren't new, but new technology can make 'groupware' work this time if CIOs keep their eye on a few key steps. This column breaks down the values, processes and strategies CIOs should consider when weighing social collaboration in their organizations.

Social networking: Coming to a corporation near you!

With Microsoft's acquisition of enterprise social networking startup Yammer, the value of social media is on the rise, and CEOs want corporate social networking ASAP. Are you using internal communications tools in your organization? Read about the benefits here.

Improve relations with customers and employees using social media

CIOs are improving business strategy with social media such as Twitter, Yammer and Google+. In this video Q&A, CIO William Caraher explains how his law office is improving the experience of IT customers thanks to social media tools.

Learn how to retain your Millennial employees

Are you committed to retaining your Millennial employees? Learn about the characteristics of Millennials and how CIOs can keep them happy and productive. Social media plays a role, but so does job flexibility and respecting their ideas and suggestions for improvement.

Using SharePoint for project and portfolio management

Not sure how to get started with using SharePoint for project and portfolio management? Read this expert tip chock full of SharePoint advice and other need-to-knows about collaboration software.

Avoid these six mistakes when using Twitter for business

Are you considering using Twitter in your business? Ensure success by studying up on six common mistakes people make and how to avoid them. Hint: You might want to go beyond tweeting pictures of your lunch.

Are social media best practices ultimately the CIO's responsibility?

Should CIOs be involved in social media roles within their companies? These social media best practices for CIOs may surprise you. For starters, it's important to understand how social media can inform other business decisions and when to exercise some restraint.

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