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Ten enterprise social media strategy tips for midmarket CIOs

Social networking engagements require a strong plan of attack. Draw on these 10 enterprise social media tips to guide your midmarket organization.

Social media has become a major component of successful business operations in the 21st century. With social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube becoming household names, it's essential that organizations of all sizes take advantage of the boost these platforms can provide to the business -- and not only in a public-facing capacity, but in a behind-the-scenes, employee-collaboration sense as well.

We've gathered together 10 enterprise social media strategy news and tips pieces from our sister site,, that we think will benefit midmarket organizations looking to take the next step in their social networking engagements.

Make the best of this social networking revolution

CIOs and IT executives are being told that they must become active participants in the social media revolution. Is your midmarket organization leading the charge?

Should the CIO be worried about social business strategy?

Becoming the purveyors of a social business strategy might allow CIOs to take on a powerful new role, but many enterprises are still in a "what the heck do I use this for?" phase. In this column, read how to shake off those nerves.

Content concerns for social collaboration

When social collaboration platforms lack relevant content, users steer clear, no matter the bells and whistles. Find out how midmarket organizations can employ collaboration platforms users want to use.

Sentiment analysis turns social media into customer service tool 

There is definite value in using social media to gather and analyze customer feedback. Find out how to collect constructive customer feedback and improve business operations using social platforms.

Find success in using social networking and collaboration

Social networking andcollaboration efforts come with high failure rates in both the enterprise and the midmarket. Beat the odds with advice in this Q&A, which focuses on social and collaboration software.

Developing social media policies can be tricky and costly

As social media become more prevalent, developing policies to accommodate new platforms becomes more necessary. Don't assume that the policies developed for Internet and email use are a good fit for social media.

Engineering security for social media is a major concern

Establishing appropriate social media policies to ensure that platforms are secure should be a priority for midmarket organizations looking to launch social media efforts.

Find value in unified communications and social collaboration platforms

Social networking can have both tactical and strategic value. Learn how a wise organization makes proper investments in these areas.

Building a social network for the brainy

As social media platforms become household tools, Donna Cuomo, chief information architect at MITRE Corp., was challenged to build an enterprise social network for the best brains in the world. See how you can apply these efforts to your midmarket social media venture.

New gadgets and social platforms keep IT exciting

Keeping on top of emerging technologies can be a pain, but new gadgetry and social media tools keep it exciting. Read the stories highlighted in this column to improve social strategies in your midmarket organization.

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