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Swine flu preparedness: Business continuity during an H1N1 outbreak

Swine flu preparedness will top enterprise CIO agendas this fall as offices create business continuity plans in case of widespread absenteeism. Learn more in this H1N1 flu guide.

As the public anxiously awaits release of the swine flu vaccine and news reports tally the latest damage done by the H1N1 virus -- commonly known as the swine flu virus -- it's not too late to make contingency plans for soaring absenteeism in the workplace. How can IT professionals prepare for a potential swine flu outbreak? The following swine flu resources, culled from and other TechTarget sites, provide advice for managing the swine flu pandemic in the office, building ...

Tips from the CDC's CIO on H1N1 flu preparedness
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
As a second wave of swine flu looms, we get a list of swine flu preparedness tips from James Seligman, CIO at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Tips for business continuity and contingency planning for swine flu
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
IT business continuity plans for swine flu outbreaks focus on people and remote access issues. Here are experts' tips on what to include.

Swine flu -- not hurricanes -- leads disaster recovery agenda
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
As Hurricane Bill bore down, a look at what really topped the disaster recovery agenda for IT leaders -- swine flu.

Swine flu and business continuity planning resources
[Anne McCrory, Editorial Director]
Fall has barely started, yet warnings about flu season -- swine flu season, that is -- are circulating fast and furious. Here's a list of swine flu preparedness resources available online -- including on Twitter -- to keep you up to date.

As swine flu spreads, CIOs prepare business continuity plans, measures
[Kristen Caretta, Associate Editor]
Are your disaster recovery and business continuity plans up to snuff for a swine flu pandemic? Find out what measures other CIOs are taking and what you can do.

Pandemic preparation, risk and business continuity
[Troy Tate, Contributor]
The pandemic watches of the past few years should have organizations thinking about their risks and business continuity plans.

Network teams prepare for impact of swine flu on remote access
[Tim Scannell, Site Editor]
Remote access contingency planning is on the rise as networking teams prepare for an expected increase in telecommuters to counter the spread of the H1N1 swine flu.

The swine flu outbreak: Business continuity and disaster recovery planning for a pandemic
[Paul Kirvan, Contributor]
This article looks at how swine flu may affect your organization and offers practical business continuity advice on how to mitigate the impact.

Swine flu outbreak results in spam pandemic
[Robert Westervelt, News Editor]
Spammers are taking advantage of the swine flu outbreak to trick users into giving up their email address, opening a malicious PDF file and even buying a cure.

Swine flu puts spotlight on pandemic planning
[Marcia Savage, Features Editor]
Financial services firms are monitoring the swine flu outbreak and readying pandemic plans.

The swine flu vs. other pandemics
[Paul Kirvan, Contributor]
With the swine flu outbreak, the good news is that, at the moment, we are not dealing with a 1918-style pandemic.

Virtualization: The swine flu cure?
[Ken Cline, Contributor]
Why virtualize? There are many reasons why it's beneficial to virtualize your environment, but the current swine flu scare is highlighting a very good reason.

How's your pandemic response plan looking today?
[David Schneier, Contributor]
It's unclear how big a threat the swine flu represents, but it serves as a reminder of how critical pandemic planning is, Schneier says.

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