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Sports increase need for network management, traffic monitoring

Who's in your corner when it comes to broadband vs. sports broadcasts? Here are five tips to keep you in the game and aware of changes in your network during popular sports seasons.

If your network isn't off and running at the sound of the starting gun, there may be bigger issues … err … events taking place that are outside your control. Sporting events are being streamed, downloaded and regularly updated at a phenomenal pace. Keeping up with the "only seconds left" score changes can lead to Web traffic overload -- slowing you down faster than Michael Phelps swims a lap.

It is nice to get up-to-the-minute event coverage -- straight to your desk or mobile phone. But what about the other things we need to stay up-to-the-minute on, like, work?

Is your company on top of its game? What are some things you need to be watching out for when it comes to your network? Find out here with our top five tips for network management and traffic monitoring.

 Texas A&M athletics gets a grip on Web site traffic overload
[Zach Church, News Writer]
Staff members at Texas A&M University thought they could handle Web traffic just fine. Then football season started.

 Wireless networks pave the way to the Super Bowl
[Andrew R. Hickey, News Editor]
Wireless network deployments have given major football stadiums the connectivity they need to host massive events like the Super Bowl.

 World Series challenge puts retailer's POS system to test
[Shamus McGillicuddy, News Writer]
Medium-sized companies like retailer Jordan's Furniture are transitioning from manual systems management processes and looking for affordable automated management technologies.

 Gentlemen, Start Your Wireless
[Jim Rendon, Contributor]
From NASCAR to Major League Baseball teams, midsized companies are embracing wireless LANs. Do maturing standards and greater bandwidth mean the technology is finally coming of age?

 CIOs get March Madness sanity check
[Shamus McGillicuddy, News Writer]
Employees watching NCAA games on company time may create countless problems for CIOs. But denying access to the Net is not the answer.

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