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Sort out your mobile workforce confusion: Our top five mobility reads

Your mobile workforce is ready to go -- check out our top mobility must-reads to learn which applications and tools will make you a hero in the boardroom at the end of the quarter.

It’s no secret that a business runs smoother when its technology users aren’t confined to the three and a half walls of their cubicles. The mobile workforce trend has been building, with your key talent yearning to roam freely -- or be poached by a company that will allow geographical autonomy. However, with security worries and the new headache of trying to manage mobile devices, CIOs have come to slowly -- and in some cases, grudgingly -- dip a toe into the new mobility.

We feel your pain. There’s a lot of information out there, whether it’s telling you how to manage your legions of smartphones or protect your network from invasion by the mailroom guy’s personal iPad. Here’s our executive summary of the latest and greatest mobility news that you shouldn’t miss.

  • Mobile security for tablet devices: Recognizing risk
    It doesn’t matter if you bought into the iPad craze or not -- your users are bringing tablet devices into your IT shop, disrupting IT support plans and mobile security practices. Read about the potential risks to your security.

  •  The mobility megatrend: Embrace the change or get left behind
    It’s normal to resist change, but is the reluctance to embrace new technology putting you months or years behind everyone else when it comes to the new mobile workforce? Columnist Niel Nickolaisen has tips for living with and thriving in the new mobility.

  • The top 10 free best business iPad apps
    You already love your iPad and iPad2, but now you need to justify the cost to the business. We’ve rounded up 10 great iPad apps, and your CFO is going to love the price tag.

  • Mobile payments prompt response from PCI DSS Council
    There are thousands of app stores and hundreds of thousands of users accepting credit card payments with their mobile devices. But who is watching the store? The PCI DSS Council steps in with an answer.

  • CIOs scrambling to adapt mobile device management to a BYOD era
    With all of the personal devices connecting to the network, midmarket CIOs are taking a new look at mobile device management. It's time to put the horse back before the cart and figure out what really makes sense.

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