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Small business and big data: Tweet jammers talk project, policy trends

Small business and big data are a good match. Learn what our tweet jam participants had to say about big data project and policy trends for SMBs.

Developing a small-business big data strategy is not off-limits because of company size. Small business and big data go as well together as the enterprise and big data do. Organizations of every size that are concerned with predicting the future of their industry reach a point when the volume, velocity and variety of their data exceed on-site storage and computing capacities, but that doesn't mean they abandon ship.

To address this influx of information, SMBs must follow in the footsteps of enterprises' data project and policy trends. During SearchCIO's recent data management-themed tweet jam, expert Anand Shroff, CTO and co-founder of Health Fidelity, joined editors, writers and followers to offer his professional insights on these topics as a leader in healthcare data management and transformation technologies.

To kick things off, SearchCIO asked:

There was no argument amongst our tweet jam participants: Big data is changing the way organizations strategize around IT, and with new strategies comes new policies. Shroff had this to say:

Big data isn't necessarily a new concept, but it's gaining traction in the SMB IT sphere for its analytic benefits. Why? Tweet jam participants had various opinions:

With proper hardware in place, the next step seems to be extracting adequate value from the data being collected. After all, what's the point of collecting and storing massive amounts of data if the business isn't reaping the benefits?

With data management and valuation tools becoming more affordable and accessible for SMB CIOs, investing in big data seems like a no-brainer. SearchCIO tweet jam participants agreed, stressing the need to align with big data project and policy trends in order to boost business.

What do you think? Should SMBs invest in tools to manage big data? Does the business value of small-business big data outweigh the costs? Sound off in the comment section below and don't forget to join our next #CIOChat hosted by @SearchCIO.

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