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Project manager skills: As in-demand as ever, say tweet jammers

Strong project manager skills can be the key to simplifying project and portfolio management, our tweet jammers say.

In our tweet jam about project and portfolio management (PPM) on May 29, we asked participants to talk about the importance of strong project manager skills. In the course of the discussion, we asked our followers, "How can CIOs simplify PPM processes in their organization?"

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SearchCIO's editors and news writers took the lead suggesting that the very first step to effective PPM is hiring a dynamic leader with well-developed project manager skills. Perhaps that's a given, but what do these talents entail? Our pros suggested that good project manager skills comprise more than just an eye on deadlines and the bottom line:

In addition to hiring a strong project manager, one editor proposed an ear-to-the-ground approach to PPM in order to guarantee that projects find their way into the appropriate portfolios:

Project management methodologies go beyond selecting the right candidate with desirable project manager skills. In fact, a number of CIOs don't have the opportunity to hire project managers and lead PPM themselves. Our tweet jam participants advised CIOs to simplify PPM for their own sanity:

Whether or not your organization has the ablity to hire a leader with well-honed project manager skills, it's important that the individual in charge understands the best project management methodologies for the company's particular line of business.

How is your organization simplifying project and portfolio management? Is HR looking for specific project manager skills in the hiring process? Sound off in the comment section below.

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