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Private vs. public cloud computing debate: Tweet jammers weigh in

In this #CIOChat recap, tweet jam participants engage in a private vs. public cloud computing debate, with a focus on incorporating user preferences.

When IT leaders start thinking about cloud computing, they typically begin by weighing the pros and cons of private vs. public cloud computing solutions. In assessing cloud economics, CIOs and IT leaders must weigh the costs of infrastructure, management, research and development, security and support to determine if public vs. private cloud makes sense, given their organization's specific circumstances.  

To kick off this private vs. public cloud computing debate during SearchCIO's September cloud economics tweet jam, we asked:

Early responders led us to believe we may have asked the wrong question in our private vs. public cloud comparison:

The truth is, the decision really depends on what users are putting in the cloud. Private and public cloud solutions can both be utilized for anything from simple data storage to hosting applications, but CIOs must ask, "What is most economical for my company?"

Our expert for this tweet jam, Ravi Ravishanker, CIO at Wellesley College, stated:

In a public cloud model, service providers make resources available to users over the Internet. The benefits of public cloud include reasonably easy and inexpensive set-up, scalability to meet current needs and limited wasted resources, since companies or individuals pay for what they use. According to our tweet jam participants:

So all hail the public cloud? Not so fast, say our #CIOChat-ers:

What can CIOs do to make sure they are choosing the right cloud solutions for their services and applications? Here is a roundup of advice from SearchCIO's tweet jam participants:

What does your organization take into consideration when weighing private vs. public cloud computing? Let us know in the comments section below.

To read more from our cloud economics-themed tweet jam, search "#CIOChat" on Twitter. SearchCIO's next tweet jam will be Oct. 30.

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