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Next-generation security trends for 2014 and beyond

In SearchCIO's recent #CIOChat, participants discuss next-generation security trends and threats, covering cloud takeover, mobile apps and more.

As CISOs and security leaders gear up for next-generation security trends in 2014 and beyond, they've got a few key threats on their minds. During SearchCIO's October tweet jam, participants discussed how they plan to deal with imminent security threats while in the throes of a mobile takeover, increasingly social tendencies among staff and the love of all things cloud.

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This month's tweet jam expert, Elliot Franklin, information security manager at San Antonio, Texas-based Whataburger Restaurants LLC, lent us a hand in answering a number of top-of-mind cybersecurity questions. To kick things off, we asked:

Most responses took a jab at the cybersecurity ignorance of both internal and end users. But before diving into specifics, here are some general threat concerns that reflect the larger security puzzle:

Mobile applications were the first of several potential stress points to pop up in the #CIOChat feed. Tweet jammers expressed concerns about both malicious and unsecured mobile apps:

A trend CIOs and security professionals constantly revisit is data loss -- and 2014 is no exception. Organizations storing massive amounts of data to mine and use for business growth struggle to retain and protect that data, especially when that data becomes mobile:

Apps and data retention aside, our tweet jam participants highlighted users' desire to stay connected as a major red flag. As employees become more social, security eyes must turn towards social engineering and social collaboration technologies:

The most eyebrow-raising next-generation security threat for 2014 and beyond, according to our tweet jammers? Cloud usage. Several conversations spun from off cloud-related tweets -- take a gander:

According to #CIOChat participants, cloud opens up new vectors that are both high impact and high risk. But not all agreed that these threats are novel. In fact, some tweet jammers argue that the cloud isn't necessarily bringing new threats to the forefront, but is simply stirring up threats that previously existed:

What do you think? Where should cybersecurity professionals focus their efforts in 2014 and beyond? Sound off in the comment section below and stay tuned for more October #CIOChat recaps featuring guest expert Elliott Franklin.

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Love this chat. Good work by John Dodge and others. I attend regularly and you should too. Follow the #CIOChat hashtag.
Just fyi there are two different #CIOChat discussions that occur at different times each month. Keep an eye out for info about this particular chat via @SearchCIO.