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Mobile tech driving IT infrastructure development needs

Is the march toward mobile tech and device access changing IT infrastructure development needs in the data center? Our Twitter brigade chimes in.

Mobile technology is revolutionizing the way organizations conduct business, and, in doing so, it's creating new challenges around data center infrastructure that CIOs cannot ignore. Today's IT leaders are homing in on improving security and access issues around mobile tech to ensure that sensitive and confidential company data isn't exposed to the wrong parties.

In's tweet jam on the data center Jan. 30, we asked participants, "How is the march toward mobile changing data center infrastructure strategies?"

There was a resounding agreement among's followers, writers and editors that this "march toward mobile" is motivating organizations to reconsider their infrastructure needs, but there is some hesitation around how quickly these often-complex changes should take effect:

  • @AndiMann: Mobile is driving massive development needs -- new apps, components and architectures. Testing is hard and complex. Data center needs to accommodate.
  • @SeanCCameron: Data centers need to evolve with mobile. Mobile offers immediate access, more user apps, architecture, etc. The development alone is a huge task.
  • @CIO360: Unfortunately, IT departments are locking down network access due to overloads from mobile devices on their networks.
    • @shannonsnowden: @CIO360 Do you think overloads or organizations are not ready for BYOD?

One tweet questioning the likelihood of network overload sparked a conversation about data patterns on mobile devices versus personal computers. Several tweet jammers chimed in, arguing about the logistics of these patterns:

  • @LTucci: If iPads are just the tip of the iceberg for mobile enterprises, how many networks out there are optimized for the traffic?
    • @CIOMidmarket: @LTucci You make the assumption that enterprise application on tablets have a significantly different data pattern than PC
    • @AndiMann: @LTucci Yes, Linda, so true. Different access patterns, needs, volumes, etc. With critical apps going mobile, perfect management is critical.
    • @WendySchuchart: @AndiMann For the same enterprise app? I'm not sure the traffic pattern really is radically different.
    • @AndiMann: @WendySchuchart Not the same apps, mobile tends to be new apps. Different form factor, use cases, etc. Especially B2C apps -- traffic is very different.
    • @AndiMann: @WendySchuchart: Also even for enterprise apps, the traffic *flow* is different -- more places to fail, slowdown. Many hidden too!
    • @WendySchuchart: @AndiMann I don't think you can say that the only new apps are mobile apps.
    • @AndiMann: @WendySchuchart Definitely not the only new apps. But I bet the majority, by far.

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As expected, this mobile tech and access conversation turned into one about security:

  • @ITCompliance: Mobility should change data center infrastructure. More data + more sources = more chances for security/compliance to breach.
    • @evanandr: Agree with @ITCompliance. Mobility and BYOD means network and security issues.
  • @RachelatTT: Much bigger focus on data center security protocols. Have to make sure information being passed over mobile channels is safe.
  • @jc4000: Need special monitoring tools to collect required data, if the tools are not already there.
  • @SteeleCommunications: BYOD is also influencing data centers, protection of both company-issued and private devices is more challenging.

The concept of moving data to the cloud for mobile access made a few of our followers suggest pressing the brakes on sweeping and not-yet-fully-formed data center infrastructure changes:

  • @sec_prof: There is an interesting dichotomy between borders of traditional data center and access everywhere of mobile. Most not transitioning well.
    • @texiwill: "@sec_prof: There is an interesting dichotomy between borders of traditional data center and access everywhere of mobile. Most not transitioning well." +1
  • @SteeleCommunications: Difficult because cloud is not truly evolved -- Investments for the next 10-20 years are harder to define if cloud is not ready now.

Development complexity, network capacity, data patterns and security are all major concerns when it comes to data center infrastructure strategy. However, no Twitter conversation would be complete without a little comic relief. Without further ado, our most re-tweeted #CIOChat post to roll in during our tweet jam:

  • @cloud_borat: Don't you just love a CIO who says cloud is not for them on Twitter? (Posting from their Blackberry.)

Stay tuned for additional recaps from's tweet jam about the data center and follow @searchCIO on Twitter to be notified about the next Twitter conversation.

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