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Mobile security threats a consequence of BYOD? Tweet jammers talk risk

Employees using personal devices on the job could create mobile security threats -- and nightmares -- for CIOs. Learn more in this tweet jam recap.

Personal devices are finding their way into the workplace whether CIOs approve or not. In SearchCIO-Midmarket's most recent tweet jam covering the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) revolution, we asked participants to address the inherent mobile security threats and their associated management efforts. Our first question inquired about specific security threats related to BYOD:

SearchCIO-Midmarket's Twitter followers indicated that their IT departments had not experienced major problems with regards to personal device security -- pats on the back all around. But the conversation didn't end there. The Twitter air grew thick as participants suggested a security storm forming in the future:

While our participants said they have not experienced major mobile security breaches, they didn't express confidence that their lucky streaks would continue. When SearchCIO-Midmarket Executive Editor Linda Tucci asked for BYOD horror stories, she was met with a quick response:

Some participants suggested limited network access and other security wrappers to protect organizational data on mobile devices. Managing Editor Rachel Lebeaux suggested the focus should be first on hardware, then on software, drawing several viewpoints:

To combat mobile security threats, tweet jammers suggested that IT departments focus their risk management efforts on those areas where they will make the most impact. Has your organization experienced security breaches linked to employees' use of personal devices? As a CIO, where are you focusing your risk management efforts to combat mobile security threats? Sound off in the comment section below. Tune in to SearchCIO-Midmarket's tweet jam next month to debate data and information privacy. In the meantime, follow @CIOMidmarket on Twitter for additional BYOD tweet jam recaps and other news.

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