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Microsoft SharePoint implementation tips, training and more

Microsoft's SharePoint is a useful (and widely popular) tool in the midmarket. But are you getting the most out of it? Get tips on SharePoint implementation and training.

Many midmarket organizations are using Microsoft SharePoint for their collaboration file sharing needs. But implementing, maintaining and using SharePoint can be complex at times and there are still concerns over how to get the most out of current and future versions. And with SharePoint 2010 coming up, IT is gearing up for changes, improvements and additional features.

Whether you're currently using SharePoint and are looking to get more out of it or you're considering taking it on in the future, find out what to keep in mind regarding this system -- and how it can best fit your needs.

  SharePoint 2010

  IT professionals are hoping that Microsoft will keep it simple with SharePoint 2010 and focus on making the current features better over the addition of new ones. And as far as migrating from SharePoint Server 2007 to 2010 , IT pros hope it won't be a daunting task – and some experts say it won't be.

So what's new in SharePoint 2010? Some of the new SharePoint 2010 features and functions incorporate simplifying the ability to create custom applications, the ability to handle larger lists and libraries and an interface including the ribbon concept.

  Getting the most out of SharePoint

SharePoint implementation and training

Although SharePoint is familiar to many users, lots of them may not know what to do or how to get started. Training a core group of pilot users early on and getting them on board is important to the future success of a full on implementation. Without it, users may reject SharePoint completely or slow down the overall implementation process if they are struggling to learn how to use it.

One way to approach SharePoint training is to begin a dialogue between the new users and the trainer. Identify what problems the users seek to solve with the tool and how to best use it to be more efficient and productive. By taking this approach early on, SharePoint becomes the user-driven tool it was meant to be, set to grow and change with the needs of the users.

SharePoint governance mistakes

SharePoint is up and running, users are in training, but what does it take to maintain the success of SharePoint? A SharePoint governance policy is important to keep things running smoothly, but even well-intentioned overseers can make mistakes.

Two of the biggest SharePoint governance mistakes are taking on too much at the beginning and duplicating too much information. Learn how to avoid them and how to fix them before they get out of control in "Big SharePoint governance mistakes."

SharePoint and ROI

How do you know if your implementation was successful? Learning how SharePoint is being used in your organization and who is using it can let you know if you're getting a sufficient return on investment. Usage reports can provide that information. The top three to look at are site summary, top users and top pages. To learn more about how to find the ROI of your SharePoint Implementation, read "SharePoint usage reporting and the bottom line."

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