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Make business processes part of your management playbook

Business processes can add significant value to your company, but first you must understand the nature of business process management and improvement.

In this column from partner BTM Corp., Chief Knowledge Officer Jeffrey Bruckner discusses business processes and their place in enterprise architecture, and shows why they are well positioned to be a source of significant value to your business.

Capturing value from Business Process Improvement (BPI) demands clarity, vision and a holistic approach that navigates the complex linkages between the different communities present in every enterprise, upstream to general business managers and downstream to technology managers.

The keys to a successful outcome are the creation of a management playbook, thoughtful and thorough scenario analysis, and targeted program development, followed by disciplined execution and tracking -- each step governed by collaborative decisions. The management playbook enables repeatable and documented management processes with a maturity advancement plan that moves the enterprise forward. Collaborative decision making brings the playbook to life -- to select the target scenario, visualize interconnected business-process-technology models, and establish ongoing financial measurements that track and assure enduring business impact.

Before embarking on a BPI initiative, take a close look at how your enterprise will capture measurable value. The following five-step approach delivers rapid, predictable results, beginning with an assessment of management practices and culminating with ongoing business performance monitoring and tracking to ensure enduring business impact.

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