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Key IT software solutions: Making smart choices in tough times

Looking to invest in new IT software solutions? From open source to BPM, learn what to look for, where to get it and how to maximize ROI with our IT software solutions coverage.

Thinking about making an investment in IT software solutions in this tough economy? Keeping up to date with the latest coverage can ensure the success of your decision. Understanding open source options and knowing where to find them, realizing the corporate performance management changes and making them work for your business, and maximizing Software as a Service (SaaS) project payoffs with quicker ROI are all important factors when making IT software solution investment decisions.

Which IT software solutions are right for you? Will they lead to quick ROI? How much money can an investment save the company? Do you need it? Our latest coverage of these key IT areas of investment highlights everything you need to know about IT software solutions through case studies, expert tips and upcoming trends.

 Maximizing your application software investments
[Karen Guglielmo, Executive Editor]
Midmarket CIOs can optimize their application software investments by revisiting service levels, support and customization options. This can lead to reduced costs and quicker ROI.

 A business performance council can align IT with corporate strategy
[Christina Torode, Senior News Writer]
Forming a business performance council can improve IT and business alignment as better business intelligence systems and common key performance indicators measure progress toward corporate strategy.

 How to choose the right open source solution for your business
[Kristen Caretta, Associate Editor]
There are free open source solutions available for almost everything -- if you know where to look and what to look for. Plus: Experts' top picks for free software.

 Business intelligence vendor comparison: Gartner analyzes the big four
[Christina Torode, Senior News Writer]
Analysts and attendees at the Gartner BI Summit dish on where business intelligence platforms from Oracle, IBM, SAP and Microsoft show promise and fall short.

 Today's CPM software: Not your average dashboard
[ Staff]
Corporate performance management solutions have come a long way. How much do you know about the executive dashboard-turned-performance indicator? Take our quiz and find out!

 SaaS project costs in detail: The payoff isn't always in cash
[Christina Torode, Senior News Writer]
Does a SaaS project really save you money in the long run? CIOs offer their take.

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