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Is the mobile trend here to stay? Readers sound off on BYOD

Is BYOD a fizzling mobile trend or here to stay? In this CIO Chatter, readers weighed in on mobile devices in the workplace.

Is bring your own device a passing mobile trend? When a voice in the blogosphere made this claim, features writer Karen Goulart took note in her weekly Searchlight column. In today's mobile world, where employees insist on using self-purchased mobile devices in the workplace for emails, calls and conferencing, security and data management are paramount concerns, and IT leaders should be planning for them well into the future, right?

BYOD, dead? Please raise your hand if you're ready to turn in your precious smartphone for whatever the company is willing to pay for you to use.

But, if the mobile trend is allegedly on death's door, are organizations putting too much time into bring-your-own-device (BYOD) security and policymaking? Our readers had a thing or two to say about this BYOD claim on both sides of the issue -- turns out, some of them agree that BYOD should be on the way out:

  • "It's just [a] fancy word in IT, but in real [life] for network and system administrators, it's hard to protect and waste of time. Instead of increasing the productivity, we are giving options for insecure and concentrating less on productivity."
  • "It's a fad like most things in tech, and when it gets a backbone again it will be phased out."

But not all of our readers think BYOD considerations are a waste of time. Roughly 70% of respondents in our story poll said, "BYOD looks pretty lively to me." Conversely, 20% thought that BYOD is "sputtering out," and 10% asserted that IT leaders should "stick a fork in it."

Here's what some BYOD supporters had to say:

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  • "BYOD is just another expression of the consumerization of IT. History tells us that it used to be a big deal if an individual was literate. While illiteracy is still of human concern, we now have another level of literacy when it comes to the information age. ("Digital divide?") BYOD dead? Please raise your hand if you're ready to turn in your precious smartphone for whatever the company is willing to pay for you to use."
  • "BYOD is hardly dead, in fact just beginning. It is really just a natural evolution within the enterprise to adopt and leverage social networks, multimedia communications and visual content, anywhere on any device."

Should IT teams focus their security and data management efforts elsewhere? Are BYOD considerations becoming less important in the mobile sphere, or are you fully confident in the future of this mobile trend? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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