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Is analysis of data worth your IT staff's time? Tweet jammers talk big data

How much time should CIOs invest in the analysis of data? Twitter followers argue the significance of big data analytics.

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The information technology sphere is buzzing with big data analytics. We wanted to gain insight into how to extract value from the analysis of data. SearchCIO facilitated a big data tweet jam on March 27 to tap into the expertise of our esteemed Twitter followers.

When the clock struck 3 p.m. on the East Coast, Twitter ignited with discussion under the #CIOChat hashtag. This was the first question asked @searchCIO followers out the gate:

Most tweet jam participants agreed there is value in the analysis of data, but did not shy from pointing out that big data analytics is difficult to manage and time-consuming:

The analysis of data is useful, but what is it most useful for? Tweet jammers say predictive analytics and change management:

Big data analytics can be a major time and money vaccum. Does this come as a surprise? Our March tweet jammers took that reality in stride and instead offered up some suggestions for pre-analytics consideration:

Before investing any time or money in the analysis of data, IT teams must have questions, objectives and goals that will extract value for the business. Furthermore, as with any costly, time-consuming endeavor, IT leaders should practice due diligence before proceeding:

Do you think time and money spent in the analysis of data is worthwhile? Let us know in the comments section below.

Read more about what SearchCIO tweet jam participants had to say about big data analytics by searching the #CIOChat hashtag on Twitter. Follow the rest of our big data conversation at: Data interpretation and visualization techniques add business value ... Hire a data scientist or train a data analyst. 

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