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Information security management for SMBs

What's the latest security management news and trends for SMBs? Skyrocketing spending and male vs. female reaction to threats, just to name a couple.

The IT security landscape changes faster than your coworkers change their passwords. Because of that, IT managers, especially those at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), need to stay aware of the latest security trends, research and threats.

The following is a compilation of our most recent security news, research and expert advice for SMB IT managers.


A trio of surveys recently produced some interesting results over the last couple of months. According to one survey, SMBs will spend 23% more on security in 2006 than in 2005. Another focused on the Web behavior of the sexes and how they differ in response to security scares.

  • SMB spending snapshot: Security | 28 Jun 2006
    This survey points to double-digit increases in security spending for the foreseeable future, as small and medium-sized businesses grow increasingly reliant on IT.
  • Survey: Women more likely to download spyware | 16 May 2006
    Women may download spyware more often, but men are more likely to surf risky Web sites on company time, according to new survey results.

Expert advice

Does true security really exist? We find out the answer to that question as well as the latest expert advice on VARs and authentication points.

  • Authentication points: SMB Buying Decisions | 05 Jul 2006
    Strong authentication products for small and midsized businesses are popping up in the market. Now there's really no excuse for lax security.
  • Security VARs -- Buyer beware | 15 Jun 2006
    A value-added reseller is not a security panacea, but according to security specialist Mike Rothman, it has its advantages.
  • 100% security just an illusion | 15 Jun 2006
    When it comes to buying and implementing security systems, it's all about determining your risk level. Even then, CIOs have to surrender the notion they can prevent all threats.


  • Symantec flaws are wake-up call for CIOs | 31 May 2006
    The disclosure last Spring of a major flaw in Symantec's antivirus software is another reminder that organizations need multiple layers of protection, analysts warn.

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