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IT business outcomes prioritized in IT service delivery discussion

In this tweet jam recap, learn why CIOs and their IT departments are making business outcomes a top IT service delivery priority.

Constant shifts in the information technology landscape can make it difficult for enterprise CIOs to determine the right metrics for IT service-delivery success. In SearchCIO's IT service management (ITSM) tweet jam Aug. 28, participants suggested that IT leaders determine their delivery priorities before zoning in on what IT services to deliver and how to deliver them.

To kick things off, we asked our tweet jammers, "What should be the IT organization's top service delivery priority: Speed? Cost? Business outcomes? Other?"

Our ITSM expert for the chat, Derek Lonsdale, an IT transformation leader and Lean expert at PA Consulting Group, was the first to respond. Lonsdale said that most organizations want to fulfill all of the above categories, but proper ITSM essentially boils down to individual business needs:

Zeroing in first on speed, Lonsdale explained how prioritizing speed might affect ITSM strategies. Other tweet jam participants expressed that speed could be a primary service delivery priority in certain instances. Here's what they said:

Speed aside, our tweet jam expert also saw reason to prioritize IT costs:

One notion that reverberated throughout the tweet jam was that prioritizing other aspects of IT service delivery could consequently lower service costs. And while speed and cost reduction put up a good fight, business outcomes reigned supreme as our tweet jam participants' top service delivery priority. Lonsdale proposed:

Other participants chimed in, highlighting the importance -- nay, necessity -- of prioritizing business outcomes in IT service delivery. After all, if the results don't justify the investment, why would CIOs expect the rest of the organization get on board?

Speed, cost and business outcomes were not the only priorities on the docket. Other suggestions included IT security, profitable growth and business alignment:

Our tweet jam participants sounded off; now it's your turn. Do you think business outcomes should be CIOs' top IT service delivery priority? Tell us in the comments section below.

To read the entire social media conversation, search #CIOChat on Twitter and join us Sept. 25, 2013, at 3 p.m. EST for our next tweet jam.

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What should be the IT organization's top service delivery priority?