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IT budgeting, purchasing and cost-cutting tips for finance-minded CIOs

IT budgeting, purchasing and cost cutting are constant SMB concerns. As the year winds down, CIOs must consider what's hot and what's not for 2014.

Business and budgeting go hand in hand, and going into 2014, technology investments are as important as ever. So what are SMB CIOs focusing on these days? With constant attention on the cycle of IT budgeting and purchasing -- with a healthy dose of cost cutting -- it's safe to say that balancing tight dollars against the need for innovation can be difficult for resource-limited SMBs.

We've gathered some tips and advice from across SearchCIO-Midmarket's sister sites to provide a sense of IT budgeting and spending patterns in recent years in areas such as the cloud, mobility and storage to guide SMB CIOs in their latest IT budgeting endeavors.

IT storage purchasing intentions survey results

In a world of small budgets and lots of data, your organization may be wondering how similarly sized companies plan to invest in storage and what specific technologies they're considering. TechTarget's Storage magazine surveyed IT professionals on the topic and parsed the findings to identify the most salient trends. See where IT budgets are heading and what that means for your storage needs.

CIO spending on emerging technologies

The Great Recession took its toll on budgets everywhere, and IT departments have definitely felt those financial pains. By identifying recent technology spending trends and shortfalls, CIOs can better prepare for future IT spending. This piece by ComputerWeekly provides a glimpse into the emergence of cloud, mobile and business intelligence as cost centers; see how your current numbers compare.

What does 'run IT like a business' really mean?

What do phrases like "run IT like a business" actually mean? IT professionals are constantly on the lookout for ways to become and remain business-relevant, so how do CIOs determine what solutions are of real value to your organization? In this piece, Colin Rowland, a vice president at Apptio Software, discusses what it takes for IT departments to showcase where their maximum value lies.

Gaining a competitive edge with a private cloud

When a small-but-expanding Chicago-based automation manufacturing business realized it needed to build out its IT infrastructure without adding too much new overhead, executives had a decision to make. An organization without a foothold in the cloud, officials determined that its needs warranted a private cloud integration. In this case study, learn how other SMBs might undertake their own cloud adoption.

IT spending increases in mobile computing

Increased spending on mobile software and hardware signals that mobile computing requires a new IT mindset. IT executives must adjust to business groups that want to be more involved in technology decisions, and staff who bring their own devices to work. In this blog post, Executive Editor Linda Tucci looks at how mobility is disrupting business models and how CIOs should respond.

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