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How to resolve IT issues in 2014: #CIOChat IT resolutions abound

Have you made your IT resolutions list and checked it twice? Our #CIOChat participants weighed in how to resolve IT dilemmas in the New Year.

New year, new you? Try "new year, new IT." As CIOs look to make some positive changes in their personal lives, it's also a good time to acknowledge any existing flaws in their technology systems and processes, aiming to resolve IT issues in 2014.

In our end-of-the-year tweet jam, we asked our participants' about their IT regrets in 2013, and various areas of remorse surfaced relating to the cloud, data management and a lack of user focus. We wanted to know how these issues would be resolved in the New Year, so we queried, "What do you resolve to do differently in 2014?"

Trusting the information protection promises of service providers is a struggle for CIOs, especially when data is taken from their own servers and placed in the cloud. Our participant @Cloud_Opinion seemed to take an optimistic view on the nature of cloud security; Andi Mann, vice president of strategic solutions at CA Technologies, on the other hand, is not too confident in it -- or is he? Jokes aside, Mann offered the following resolution:

This suggestion led SearchCIO Editorial Director Christina Torode to probe:

Our December tweet jam expert, SearchCIO contributor Harvey Koeppel, added his own two cents, suggesting that IT should resolve to "build better bench strength":

To Koeppel's comment on staff development, SearchCIO's Senior Community Manager Jenny Laurello added that effective communication is essential:

Other IT resolutions for 2014 had to do with aligning IT with the business:

Are you looking to resolve IT dilemmas in 2014? What IT resolutions top your list? Tell us in the comments section below. Thank you for joining our tweet jams and reading these recaps in 2013. Our #CIOChat series will continue into 2014. Tune in on the last Wednesday of each month at 3 p.m. EST and follow @searchCIO for updates and announcements throughout the year.

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How will you resolve IT issues in 2014? What tops your IT organization's resolution list?
With a good teamwork & good plan u can resolve IT issues in 2014 ;)