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How to evaluate hardware for internal and external devices

You'll be in the driver's seat with this hardware evaluation guide. Expert Bernie Klinder offers advice on evaluation basics for both internal and external devices.

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Knowing what hardware to buy is never easy. Sure, you can read product reviews in industry publications, but sometimes that just isn't enough. Vendors' literature on their products is oftentimes filled with marketing hype.

Learning Guide: How to evaluate hardware


What do to before evaluating hardware 

How to evaluate internal hardware components 

How to evaluate external hardware

What should you look for when evaluating hardware? I've come up with some suggestions in this Learning Guide, which I present in three sections: the basics for all hardware, how to evaluate internal hardware devices and how to evaluate external hardware devices.

About the author:
Bernie Klinder is a technology consultant for a number of Fortune 500 companies. He is also the founder and former editor of, a comprehensive resource index for IT professionals who support Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 and BackOffice products. For his contributions to the IT community, Klinder was selected as an MVP (Most Valuable Professional) by Microsoft. Let us know what you think about this tip; email [email protected].

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