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Green cloud computing tips: Rethink energy consumption and save money

Green cloud computing advice and other tips from our sister sites demonstrate how CIOs can pursue a low-energy-consumption, budget-friendly strategy.

As cloud computing and online data storage continue to grow, there will be huge shifts in the ways energy and technology are consumed in the workplace, experts say. As such, green IT is providing SMB IT departments with the opportunity to reduce environmental impact, energy consumption and, potentially, spending.

As these advantages line up, CIOs must devise a strategy to integrate green IT practices into their organizations. To help out, we've assembled some of the top tips, tools and expert advice from across our sister sites aimed at making you rethink green computing and energy consumption.

Research shows green IT leads to falling carbon emissions

With efficient provisioning, multi-tenancy and improved server utilization, green cloud computing is proving to be an organization's best bet. Even better, that improved efficiency is translating into savings and reductions in carbon emissions. In this SearchDataCenter tip, we see how IT department can benefit from such environmental initiatives.

IT departments now consider energy efficiency a top concern

With energy-efficiency measures in data centers having multiplied over the past five years, organizations are reevaluating how their business practices affect energy consumption, while also asking, "What can we do differently?" The survey results cited in this article track the rise of green IT and indicate how this trend is drastically affecting energy consumption at the workplace.

Green IT means smart thinking: Save energy, save money

More on green computing for SMBs

Building a net-zero energy facility

The green benefits of 3-D printing

Reduced energy consumption often means reduced costs. As Debbie Altham, co-president of Sustainable Dynamics, emphasizes, "It's not tree-hugging stuff." Green cloud computing means smarter thinking in the workplace; by implementing sustainable tools and business practices, organizations can reap some budgetary benefits. See how some SMBs have approached green consumption and the tools that helped them make a smooth transition.

As data storage expands, green IT practices make huge inroads

Consultancy Gartner Inc. recently doubled IDC's estimate for storage growth over the next three years -- meaning incorporating green IT practices in data storage will be important to foundational infrastructure development going forward. Jon Toigo, a 30-year IT veteran and CEO of Toigo Partners International, presents the best tips for transitioning to green IT practices and technologies, and, in turn, maximizing energy efficiency and reaping data storage benefits.

Podcast: Implement green initiatives by going back to the basics

Economic and environmental opportunities await organizations that keep green initiatives in mind or have already put them into action. In this podcast, John Tuccillo, president and chairman of The Green Grid, shares his expert advice on how going back to the basics and investing in energy-efficient IT helps improve productivity.

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