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Got project management woes? Check out these RFP examples

Great CIOs live and die by the request for proposal (RFP), but sometimes knowing where to begin is a nightmare. We've gathered some RFP examples to start your project fast.

A high-quality request for proposal (RFP) is an essential tool for any project manager or CIO. An RFP informs suppliers the organization is planning to acquire new services or products, allows for wide distribution and response (and identifies requirements for responses), and creates a structured evaluation and selection process. When would an organization need an RFP? There are many scenarios: A company would like to outsource a custom-written computer application, for example, or is looking to begin a vendor relationship with an outside talent firm.

We've compiled a few examples of free RFPs so you can better understand what an RFP contains and how to create one for your next project.

SOURCE: Global KAP consultancy
OFFERING: This page lists what an RFP should contain, as well as the key objectives and the benefits you can expect.

SOURCE: Maryland Energy Administration
OFFERING: Take a look at this RFP example in PDF form from Maryland's state agency for energy. It contains instructions for planning, preparing and implementing energy-related procurement contracts.

SOURCE: Energy Star program
OFFERING: This RFP template is shorter than the previous ones, but provides a nice illustration of all the necessary information and appendices.

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