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Free templates: IT vendor selection, social sharing and mobile devices

SearchCIO has rounded up free templates from around the Web providing guidance on IT vendor selection, social sharing and mobile device policies.

Are IT vendor selection and not-quite-formalized social sharing policies causing major headaches in your small business or enterprise? Do you know where to start when it comes to mobile devices? Get guidance on all of these topics and more in this roundup of free templates SearchCIO has collected from around the Web.

Social sharing and mobility policies

Whether CIOs like it or not, employees are bringing business outside -- and personal matters inside -- the office on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. With all of these high-tech devices circulating throughout the organization, cell phone policies from the Stone Age won't cut it anymore. To clarify which mobile devices your organization supports, use these free templates from Info-Tech Research Group, Demand Metric Research, the SANS Institute and others as a guide to presenting your company's policies.

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After determining which devices are allowed to access business networks and data, it's important to get employees on the same page when it comes to security. In this group of offerings, find mobile workforce management tips and free mobile device management and security policy examples.

Much of the activity taking place on personal devices is linked to social media platforms. Whether this activity is occurring on a personal device or company-issued device, the organization must set parameters for social networking in business for both productivity and security reasons. Use these free templates to provide guidelines for individuals who post content on the Internet to ensure that social sharing aligns with your organization's goals and intended public image to avoid embarrassment or legal problems.

IT outsourcing templates

Outsourcing is an arrangement by which one company provides services for another company. In TechTarget's most recent IT Salary and Careers Survey, only 2% of participants selected outsourcing and privacy as primary project areas for the year, but that doesn't account for all of the organizations with existing outsourcing contracts and the process of pursuing them. SearchCIO found a number of free templates for CIOs looking for help on the request-for-proposal (RFP) process and creating service-level agreements (SLAs).

Want more? Here are eight free IT outsourcing templates offering supplier scorecards, vendor responsibility outlines, metrics guides and more.

IT vendor selection advice

Once RFPs and SLAs are created, there's still work to be done in the vendor selection process. It's important that CIOs know exactly what they want from a software package to keep IT projects on track and on budget. In this list of free offerings, find scorecard templates to help you evaluate the most pertinent vendor criteria.

Finally, we've got some templates aimed at solidifying your supply chain strategy. Keep track of inventory, information and finances as they move from the supplier side all the way through to your consumers.

Do you have any favorite sources for free IT templates? Please let us know at [email protected].

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