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Free supply chain model examples, strategy resources for the CIO

Is your organization's supply chain strategy on sure footing? We've rounded up some free supply chain model resources from around the Web.

Supply chain strategy and management refers to the oversight of all inventory, information and finances as they move from the supplier side all the way through to consumers. The ultimate goal of any effective supply chain management system is to reduce unnecessary inventory or costs within three main flows: products, information and finances.

SearchCIO-Midmarket scoured the Web for free supply chain model examples, templates and resources to guide CIOs in managing these detailed and often complicated processes. The following downloads should help you in the early stages of developing a successful supply chain strategy.

SOURCE: International Journal of Production Economics
OFFERING: This book chapter, "Supply Chain Design and Analysis: Models and Methods," provides loads of information on supply chain management. The analysis includes key definitions, supply chain models and performance measures, methods for optimization, and a list of related resources.

SOURCE: Technology Evaluations Centers
OFFERING: A free Excel spreadsheet sample of a supply chain management model includes modules for demand management, supplier relationship management, service parts planning, order management and more. Utilize this template to save time, control costs and communicate clearly with vendors at nearly every stage of supply chain management software selection projects.

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SOURCE: All Business
OFFERING: This Excel worksheet allows users to develop a supply chain management report card to rate the performance of supply chain partners and outsourcers and identify areas for improvement. This tool includes definitions, a sample executive summary, the cost of inventory, the volume of products, distribution and lifecycle.

SOURCE: TechRepublic
OFFERING: One critical step in assessing a supply chain model and strategy is determining whether a gap exists between your organization's current capabilities and its future requirements. This Excel download that focuses on gap analysis can help with that determination.

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