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Free proof-of-concept templates for the CIO

Developing a proof of concept can help organizations test an IT project's feasibility. Check out these free proof-of-concept templates on the Web.

To successfully execute on an idea or project, organizations often develop a set of proofs, or tests, that define...

its success criteria. The use of a proof-of-concept template, which can be applied to various projects, can help businesses bridge the gap between the visionary and delivery stages of production efforts.

In computer security, proof of concept refers to a demonstration that shows how a system could be negatively affected by outside influences. In application or software development, a proof of concept tests a prototype of the application being developed before it is delivered to the customer. Using a proof-of-concept template can help organizations weed out technical or logistical issues and gather feedback to create an overall direction for any sort of project.

Here, we've compiled a sampling of free proof-of-concept templates from around the Web to help you plan and execute your IT projects.

SOURCE: Microsoft TechNet
OFFERING: This sample of a vision scope template outlines the architecture and implementation for developing a proof of concept.

SOURCE: National Research Foundation
OFFERING: This proof-of-concept grant scheme template allows businesses to outline the objectives and scope of a proposed application.

OFFERING: This technology proof-of-concept template sample provides an in-depth explanation on how to outline a methodology for a proof of any scale and how to assess the necessary technical environment and anticipated requirements for a new system.

OFFERING: This proof-of-concept report from June 2011 examines trusted sources of data and provides organizations with guidelines when testing basic architecture proposals for desired systems.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Transportation
OFFERING: This proof-of-concept testing report, created by the U.S. Department of Transportation's (USDOT) Intelligent Transportation Systems office, documents their methodology and results with next-generation 911 calling systems, providing a baseline for future testing of these systems.

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This was last published in August 2012

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