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Five free project scope statement examples for the CIO

Project scope statements can help CIOs control initiatives and reach business goals. Find free examples of project scope statements here.

Project scope, also called the scope of work, is the aspect of project planning that involves documenting specific...

project goals, deliverables, tasks, costs and deadlines. This documentation, referred to as a project scope statement or statement of work, acts as a guide that outlines the boundaries of the project and each team member's role, as well as defines performance and standards criteria that stakeholders and managers will use to determine whether the result of the project are acceptable.

During the project, a project scope statement helps team members remain focused and on task, while also providing guidelines on making decisions about change requests during the project lifecycle. It is crucial that a project is scoped at the start of the project so the team can accommodate changes that occur along the way and steer clear of scope creep. As CIOs know, projects can go off the rails without proper planning -- that's where having a proven, effective project scope statement comes into play.

Add business value with project scope

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Here, we have compiled a sampling of free project scope statement examples to help your organization thrive at project planning. These downloadable samples -- offered by a range of organizations from state governments to institutes of higher education -- can help CIOs and their teams remain organized throughout both short- and long-term initiatives, helping them reach their business goals.

SOURCEThe University of Texas at Arlington
OFFERING: A simple example of a project scope statement, used to plan deliverables, milestones, technical requirements, limits and exclusions.

SOURCEUniversity of Minnesota Office of Information Technology
OFFERING: A project scope statement template to help organizations outline the project planning process, business objectives, project milestones and authorizations. This template also includes an extensive project approach guide.

OFFERING: This sample project scope statement offers companies a template for planning their next major project, emphasizing the need for an executive statement, justification of business value and acceptance criteria for various milestones.

SOURCEMicrosoft Corp.
OFFERING: This project scope statement template – or scope of work template -- provided by Microsoft Office, helps organizations define all processes and work required to complete a given project successfully.

SOURCE: University of Manitoba Office of Enterprise Technology
OFFERING: A scope statement template that outlines the agreement and facilitates communication between the project team, sponsors and stakeholders. It also defines the limits the project, such as the approach, deliverables, milestones and budget.

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