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Free process mapping template examples for CIOs

We scoured the Web for process mapping template examples to help CIOs better understand how to establish, align and manage IT and business processes.

Organizations that are conducting process mapping initiatives are taking a proactive approach to identifying problems that hinder workflow. Unfortunately, codifying the various steps in complicated procedures can make process mapping a lengthy proposition.

SearchCIO has gathered several process mapping template examples from across the Web to aid your organization in properly managing business procedures. Use these templates to identify the common practices and mistakes in process mapping.

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SOURCE: Six Sigma Material
OFFERING: This process mapping example uses graphics and videos to document the various steps in developing a detailed process map that accounts for both current and future priorities and targets.

SOURCE: CA Technologies Inc.
OFFERING: This array of process mapping examples provides business units with templates that detail individual activities and management strategies that can improve procedures and boost productivity.

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SOURCE: RFF Electronics
OFFERING: These process mapping chart examples offer three different ways to chart tasks, interfaces, inputs and outputs of an organization in order to reduce costs and increase workflow.

SOURCE: Process Excellence Network
OFFERING: This expert article explains how process mapping is a tool that can greatly improve business operations, but only when done correctly. Here's how to identify common mistakes before falling victim to them.

SOURCE: MicroSave
OFFERING: This all-in-one guide is a process mapping "toolkit" that emphasizes the importance of breaking down steps to reveal successful current procedures and consistent snags that must be addressed.

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