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Free elevator pitch examples and templates for IT and the business

An elevator pitch is a great tool for tailored speeches and pitches. To craft your own, check out these free elevator pitch examples and templates.

Have you ever found yourself in a crucial moment when you had to get a point across very quickly to somebody important?...

An elevator pitch is an excellent tool for impressing an audience -- of one, or many -- in one quick statement.

An elevator pitch is a brief description of the value of a person, product, service or organization, delivered in as few as 15 seconds. The concept comes from the idea of delivering an effective speech lasting the length of a typical elevator ride. The structure should include an introduction, a summary of the subject and a hook to grab the listener. In crafting an elevator pitch, speakers should use clear language that creates strong visuals in the listener's mind.

It's especially important for CIOs and other individuals in leadership roles to deliver decisive, informative statements about the worth of their work, their ideas and their organization. Need some guidance? Consult these free elevator pitch examples and templates we've gathered from around the Web.

Source: Harvard Business Review
Offering: These tricks for crafting an effective elevator pitch include advice on how to weave together facts, suggestions, softeners and silence into a persuasive delivery.

Source: No Sweat Public Speaking
Offering: No Sweat Public Speaking author Fred E. Miller offers an elevator pitch template with detailed images visually charting an elevator ride.

Source: University of Southern Florida Career Center
Offering: This PDF guide gives you elevator pitch examples, as well as tips, tricks and an outline for creating your own compelling speech.

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