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Sample IT strategy plan templates and examples

How do organizations gain a competitive edge in today's rapidly evolving tech landscape? With a solid IT strategy plan to guide them, for starters. These IT strategy plan templates and samples will help.

IT strategy planning is no walk in the park. When drafting a plan, CIOs must understand business needs, figure...

out how their IT teams can meet those needs, determine how to bridge existing technology gaps, plot out how decisions and implementations will be made, and finally, evaluate how to track the plan's progress.

SearchCIO gathered a selection of free IT strategy plan templates and examples from around the Web for CIOs. The templates offer examples of how IT strategy plans can help organizations compete in today's marketplace.

SOURCE: Trent University
OFFERING: This IT strategy plan sample, titled "New Beginnings," was drafted by this Peterborough, Ont., university's Strategic IT Planning Task Force, which includes the associate vice president of IT and the manager of information systems. The task force conducted an in-depth situational review that included a SWOT analysis and "significant" consultation with the university community -- which involved 30 focus groups and 598 student surveys.

OFFERING: Created by the CEB CIO Leadership Council, this customizable IT Strategy on a Page comes with an excerpt that offers instructions on how to fill out the template to define and communicate objectives and metrics. CEB claims that it seeks to help CIOs fit their IT strategy clearly and precisely on one page so that business partners can better understand how it ties back to business goals.

SOURCE: Business 2 Community
OFFERING: Long-time practitioner in the international IT industry and now senior manager at his own consultancy, Clive Keyte shares his expertise on developing strategic plans with CIOs. His editable template, which uses the balanced scorecard methodology, puts a strong focus on business objectives, where measures and targets are identified, instead of jumping right to the projects.

SOURCE: UNC Charlotte
OFFERING: The IT services team at The University of North Carolina, Charlotte, compiled this strategic plan with the goal of supporting the university's academic, research and administrative objectives. According to the summary, the group conducted an internal assessment, including IT peers across the institution, to draw up a concept map; then, it looked externally -- to other universities' IT strategy plan examples -- for best practices and ideas.

Download this free checklist for CIOs here and make sure your IT strategic plan has everything it should. 

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This was last published in July 2015

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What components must be in your IT strategy plan template?
I think its important for every strategy plan first be a one pager so that readers can get a high-level overview of the strategy without having to go too deep. Second, I think it’s important that the strategy clearly shows how IT’s strategy relates (directly) to the objectives of the business.
great points, thanks Mike. clear communication with the business and their goals is definitely key.