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Free IT change management templates, tips and resources

Change management processes are important in all aspects of IT project planning and strategy implementation. Get started now with free change management templates and expert tips.

As the economic recession slowly starts to recede, organizations must continue to effectively adapt to and deal with change brought about by everything from the altered competitive landscape to workforce reductions and workflow modifications. That's where IT change management comes in.

For example, when it comes to change management in disaster recovery and business continuity planning, critical data must always be current. IT change management can help minimize operation disruptions and ensure the cost-effective use of resources when implementing new procedures. It can also help maintain critical information updates and avoid potential problems, such as the failure to respond to an incident appropriately because a plan was not up to date.

it change management, change management, free templates, cios, searchcio, cio, logo, imageIt's also important to revise existing strategies to accommodate new technologies in your organization. Virtualized servers, for instance, will not follow the same change management procedures as physical servers, so it's important to account for that when revising strategies. Potential problems associated with host hardware failure, an outlined procedure on how to move virtual servers to a new host during an outage, what is stored on each server and all server software changes should be included in the IT change management plan.

To help you build your strategy, we have compiled a sampling of free change management templates and resources from a range of organizations.

Change management tips and resources

OFFERING: Step-by-step instructions on how to install the Change Management Request template in Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Change management templates and sample plans

SOURCE: Commonwealth of Massachusetts
OFFERING: Sample templates, including a change management plan, a change register and a change request form. The templates address various change management processes such as analysis, documentation, implementation and organization.

SOURCE: South Carolina Division of State Information Technology
OFFERING: An organizational change management template addressing stakeholder management, project scope and step-by-step plan objectives.

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