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Five tips that could change your data center

Your data center is your domain. Make the most of it.

More than their large enterprise counterparts, CIOs of midmarket companies have their hands on the management of data centers. And while often not as robust as a large company's, midsized data centers are just as complex and experience the same sets of issues -- lifecycle management, infrastructure, software and server pain points.

We've been following the market closely, detailing the issues and delivering the solutions that will help you tackle the most relevant of concerns. Here are the top five stories, covering five topics, that will change how you build out your data center.

Computer recycling: Dangers for even the well intentioned
[James M. Connolly, Contributor]
Recycling computers involves more than just passing them off to another company for cleaning. Due diligence requires CIOs to go even further to make sure data is eradicated.

Microsoft Hyper-V a wait-and-see proposition
[Zach Church, News Writer]
Hyper-V is cheap and almost ready, but it might be best to wait out any bugs.

SaaS-based ERP: Payback on the horizon
[James M. Connolly, Contributor]
While interest by midmarket CIOs in SaaS-based ERP is growing, experts predict it will be about another year or so before the technology and related benefits are in place for most midmarket firms.

How to choose a DR service provider
[James M. Connolly, Contributor]
Disaster recovery needs change in complexity and importance as a midmarket company grows. Often, this means bringing in a service provider.

Server consolidation is still more physical than virtual
[Shamus McGillicuddy, News Writer]
In server consolidation, all the hype is about virtualization. Experts say physical consolidation remains just as important -- maybe more.

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