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Five tips for wireless network management success

Mobile management is a challenge for SMBs. Check out these five tips that alleviate the process for you.

Managing a mobile network at a small and medium-sized business (SMB) has its challenges. Sky-high cellular bills, rapidly changing technologies and implementation obstacles are just a few of the issues managers at SMBs face. In response, we've gathered five of our past tips on mobile management to better help you with these challenges.

 Wireless options: Opportunity knocks
The lack of next-generation wireless standards has created not only confusion, but also cutthroat competition and amazing opportunities.

 Managing mobile operators: Giving a passing grade
Everyone likes to gripe about their wireless operators, complaining that they pay too much for services, but the question remains -- what are you going to do about it?

 Cellular bill management: Getting policies under control
Daniel Taylor takes policy control a step further and focuses on using a combination of strength and finesse on what is often considered a personal business decision.

 Mobile device management: Part I -- Decisions, decisions, decisions
Discover the five most important high-level decisions that you need to make concerning mobile device management as part of a larger company-wide mobility policy.

 Mobile device management: Part 2 -- Implementation options
In this tip Daniel Taylor discusses the types of options available for managing mobile devices.

Of course, one of the biggest priorities for mobile management is security.

 Mobile security begins with policy
Mobile security can no longer be an afterthought. Mobile experts say security starts, but doesn't end, with policy.

 Security for mobile devices: Simple steps for SMBs
From USB keys to iPods, laptops and wireless handhelds, mobile devices can be a major security vulnerability. Here are several simple steps to prevent wireless security breaches.

 Encrypting mobile devices: A best practice no one uses
Experts and IT executives agree that encryption is the best way to protect data on mobile devices. But too few companies are actually deploying this critical technology.

For more news and advice on mobile management, check out our newly updated IT Management Guide on mobile computing for SMBs.

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