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Experts' favorite Exchange Server freeware

This collection of tool downloads will help you get your Exchange Server environment in tip-top shape -- and you won't have to spend a dime.

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We asked our experts to tell us their top five freeware tools for Microsoft Exchange. The following is a list of what they say is the best Exchange Server freeware on the Web.


Peter terSteeg's Top Five Favorite Downloads

Peter terSteeg
  1. Exchange Server Best Practices Analyzer Tool: Identifies items that do not conform to Microsoft best practices.
  2. PFDavAdmin: Sets and recaptures permissions on public folders and Exchange mailboxes.
  3. Exchange Intelligent Message Filter: Message filtering, analysis and support.
  4. Exchange Server WinRoute: Exchange routing tool.
  5. OutlookSpy: Manages hidden Outlook properties and settings.

Peter terSteeg is our deployment and migration expert. View his responses to your questions.


Richard Luckett's Top Five Favorite Downloads

Richard Luckett
  1. Microsoft Security Configuration Wizard: Attack-surface reduction tool
  2. Sam Spade: Network query tool
  3. The Antivirus Test File: Find out if your antivirus program is running correctly
  4. Telnet: Diagnostic tool for remote computers
  5. Exchange Message Tracking Center: Helps find messages and checks status of emails

Richard Luckett is our spam and security expert. View his responses to your questions.


Patricia Guerrero's Top Five Favorite Downloads

Patricia Guerrero
  1. Server Performance Advisor: Server performance diagnostic tool
  2. Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer: Detects common security misconfigurations and missing updates
  3. Ad-aware SE: Spyware removal utility
  4. SuperScan: Determine which ports are listening on a particular server or set of servers
  5. NWTools: Web-based network tool

Patricia Guerrero is our clients and mobility expert. View her responses to your questions.

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