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Enterprise data strategy and management policies: Tweet jammers talk

In this tweet jam recap, participants discuss formulating an effective enterprise data strategy and management policies to accommodate big data.

During SearchCIO's data management-themed tweet jam July 24, the site's writers, editors and Twitter followers took to the Web to discuss how new trends in data collection and usage are affecting the enterprise. Joining the ranks this month was expert Anand Shroff, CTO and co-founder of Health Fidelity, offering his advice as a leader in healthcare data management and transformation technologies.

The discussion ranged from security issues to small business data management, but the main focus was on the creation of an enterprise data strategy.

The first topic up for debate was big data and management policies:

According to our tweet jam participants, big data creates new demands and priorities for enterprise companies:

To extract value from collected data, enterprise organizations must have proper tools and staff on hand. Once those prerequisites are in order, data managers can focus on applying big data to specific business lines and initiatives:

The real conversation started when SearchCIO's own Jenny Laurello asked the following question about enterprise cloud solutions:

There seemed to be no argument that the cloud is here to stay. However, tweet jam participants hesitated to claim cloud as a risk-free data management solution -- in fact, most wouldn't pin cloud as a solution at all, considering the inherent risks:

Our participants differentiated between cloud risks and other IT risks, but even after all the chatter, a major question about enterprise data strategy lingered:

What do you think? Do you have ideas for managing unstructured big data? Tell us in the comment section below.

To view the entire conversation search #CIOChat on Twitter and join the next SearchCIO tweet jam Aug. 28 to discuss IT service management trends.

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